Manufactured Equipment

Our Manufactured Equipment Range

We manufacture a wide range of equipment for snack production including complete.

Filter machinery by:

Besan Slurry Cooking System

Vegetable blancher

Cream Preparation Tank

Vegetable Cooling with Inspection Table

Continuous Blending Mixing System

Bread moulding system

Continuous 3-pass Belt Dryer for Extruded Snacks

Horizontal Mixer Ribbon Blender

Pivoting conveyor machine

Curve Conveyor

Double deck product transfer conveyor

Cream Tanks

Potato Ring Extruder

Weigh Metric Blending System

Forced air cooler with Dual Stack

Hydro Chiller Machine

Vibratory Feeder

Dry Seasoning Applicator

Mixing Seasoning Drum

Spiral screw conveyor for seasoning transfer

Extruded Snacks Fryer

Flume Dum Belt type Pre-Fryer

Turning Conveyor

Roller Conveyor

Vertical Tray Lifting System

Fines Removal Tumbler

Vertical Meal Blender

Dual-stage De-oiling Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor

Quick return Horizontal motion conveyor

Conveyors for Snacks

Conveyors for Frozen Food

Bakery Conveyor Machine

Bhujia Breaker

Bucket Elevator Machine

Moong Dal Washer Counter Action

Besan Slurry Mixing And Coating System

Ribbon Blender Machine

Corn Cooking Kettle

Biscuit Seasoning System

Seasoning System for Snack Weigh Metric


Potato Destoner Machine

Potato Chips Frying Line

Pellet Frying Line With Pre-Fryer

Aloo Bhujia / Soya Sticks / Namkeen Extrusion Line

Automatic Moongdal Processing line

Continuous Dough Pump

Extruders Machine