Extruded Snacks Fryer

Extruded Snacks Fryer for Kurkure Pellets

  • Submerged belt fryer design to efficiently fry the low bulk density products like extruded snacks Kurkure type, Pellets, and Pasta.
  • Variety of direct and indirect heating mediums available.
  • Fryer is designed considering complete equipment safety by offering expansion joint and Food Safety by offering a better and efficient drain system for oil and water.
  • Best in the class oil management system to maintain the oil quality by offering a fresh taste to your snacks.
  • State-of-the-art filtration systems are used to ensure the proper removal of fines in order to give the maximum life to the frying oil.
  • Available with options of drum and belt filtration system.
  • Offering upgrade option from push-button control to HMI touch screen controls, using high-quality component which are trusted, reliable and known for their quality and performances.
  • Necessary up & downstream equipment is available, capacity ranges from 200kg to 2000kg/Hr.

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