Bakery Product Machinery

Bakery Product Machinery

The world-class Bakery Product Machinery

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Our Partners

Shufflemixer logo


Sponge cake, cream cake, icing cake, Chiffon cake and Mousse Cake
Cream cake-making machine Continuous Aeration of various bakery products includes Sponge cake, cream cake, icing cake, Chiffon cake and Mousse...
Starmix logo


cream maker for cake
cream preparation machine for cake STARMIX is a leading company in the production of planetary mixers for artisanal and industrial...
incomec - Partner of Kanchan metal


Cracker making machine We are Incomec. Based in Brakel, with the world as our center of activity. For over 30...
Tonelli- Partner of Kanchan metal

Tonelli Group

Layer Cake and Swiss roll making equipment supplier for commercial Tonelli Group is the Italian Company which, for over 70 years,...
Europa - Partner of Kanchan metal

Europa Srl

pizza oven supplier For 30 years, bakers, pastry chefs, and pizza chefs from all over the world have been cooking their...
Imaforni- Partner of Kanchan metal


Cracker biscuit
Soft hard fermented Cracker biscuit making equipment GEA has firmly moved into the bakery sector with the acquisition of Imaforni,...
Comas - Partner with Kanchan metal


Special cake, Donut cake, Bear cake
Special cake, Donut cake and Bear cake making equipment suppliers GEA has firmly moved into the bakery sector with the...
Kruger Salecker Maschinenbau

Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Energy Bar, motichur and Boondi
Cereal Protein Energy Bar, motichur and Boondi making machine Over 7 decades of working in a close relationship with our...
Grote- Partner of Kanchan metal


Meat, Vegetable, cheese and Rusk
Meat, Vegetable, cheese slicer and Rusk Slicing machine Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment. Our trusted equipment...
masdac- Partner of Kanchan metal


Character Cake, Dorayaki, Manju Cake
Character Cake, Dorayaki, Manju Cake making machine Since being established in 1957, MASDAC has engaged in the development, design, and...
Woody- Partner of Kanchan metal

Woody Associates, Inc.

Chocolate Decorating
Chocolate decorating machines to the confectionery Industry Woody Associates, Inc. has provided automatic decorating equipment to the confectionery industry for...
Ziegra- Partner of Kanchan metal

ZIEGRA Eismaschinen

Ice maker
Ice making machine supplier 50 years of experience have made Ziegra a leading global manufacturer who deals exclusively with industrial...
Rondo- Partner of Kanchan metal


Puff pastry, Khari
Paratha Puff pasty Mcpuff style product and Bhakarwadi making machine For 65 years and more, Rondo has been developing and...
Unifiller- Partner of Kanchan metal


Shrikhand, Rabdi Filling machine and Cake, Muffins, Cupcake making machines Founded over 30 years ago, a global leading supplier, designs...
Foodtools- Partner of Kanchan metal


Cake, Cupcake, Loaf Bread, Soan Papdi, Burfi
Frozen Pizza, Brownie cake, Soan papdi, Khoya Mawa and Kaju Barfi cutting machine FoodTools is a well known global name...
Deighton- Partner of Kanchan metal


Cookie, Nuggets Burger Patty, Sandesh and Peda
Cookie and Forming machine, Nuggets Burger Patty, Sandesh and Peda making machine Since 1990, Deighton Manufacturing specialises in producing innovative...
Diosna- Partner of Kanchan metal


Dough Expert
Dough Mixer for bakery and snacks The company has a background of producing machinery for agriculture, home and dairy fooding...
Vemag - Partner of Kanchan metal


Sausage, meatball, salami and bhujia Sev
Sausage, Meatball, Salami and Automatic bhujia Sev making machine For 70 years, VEMAG is known for its best in class...