Meat Processing Machinery
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Meat Processing Machinery

The top-class Meat Processing Machinery


Our Partners

Grote- Partner of Kanchan metal


Meat, Vegetable, cheese and Rusk
Meat, Vegetable, cheese slicer and Rusk Slicing machine Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment. Our trusted equipment...
N and N nadratowski- Partner of Kanchan metal

N&N Nadratowski

Machines for the meat processing N & N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern high-tech food...
Ziegra- Partner of Kanchan metal

ZIEGRA Eismaschinen

Ice maker
Ice making machine supplier 50 years of experience have made Ziegra a leading global manufacturer who deals exclusively with industrial...
Mauting- Partner of Kanchan metal


Smoke house for process meat The Mauting company was founded in 1992 as a company focused on the design, projection...
Holac- Partner of Kanchan metal


Minced Meat
Meat Processing Machine For over 50 years, Holac has been providing solutions to cut meat, meat products, cheese, fish, and...
Ak Ramon- Partner of Kanchan metal


Nuggets, Filled Croquettes, Seekh kebab
Supplier of Seekh Kebab machine The company founded in 1957 is known for having one of the most advanced professional-oriented...
Deighton- Partner of Kanchan metal


Cookie, Nuggets Burger Patty, Sandesh and Peda
Cookie and Forming machine, Nuggets Burger Patty, Sandesh and Peda making machine Since 1990, Deighton Manufacturing specialises in producing innovative...
Partner with Kanchan metal


Grinder, Mincer, Brine injector tumbler bowl cutter machine Nowicki is one of the most recognized European manufacturers of high-quality machines...
Vemag - Partner of Kanchan metal


Sausage, meatball, salami and bhujia Sev
Sausage, Meatball, Salami and Automatic bhujia Sev making machine For 70 years, VEMAG is known for its best in class...