Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

Community Impact: Our CSR Initiatives

Promotion of Environment

We have started in 2018 in Tree plantation with Sankalp Taru Foundation and till now we have planted 918 trees in Thar Desert and still continue, Hoping if we can return our love to our
Mother Nature.

Promotion of Sanitation

In our Snack and Namkeen Factory, we successfully completed the first session of Safety, Hazardous Material Handling, and Hygiene for our Workers/Staff.

Promoting Healthcare

During the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, in the agreement with Green City Hospital Greater Noida donating 6 ICU beds & 1 dialysis unit amounting to Rs.20 lakhs.


Covid-19 Vaccine

Our company decided to provide assistance to employees and for
workers’ level with their wives in the form of covid-19 vaccine sponsorship.


  • Our company has donated Rs 50000 to the NGO “Maharaja Agarsen Seva Sansh,” which is currently working on Covid relief by providing free food and other facilities such as ambulances in various hospitals across Delhi for Covid-19 patients and their families.
  • During this crisis, we have donated cylinders to our customer Haldiram’s oxygen donation mission.
  • Donation-25 k to Shiksha Seva Foundation who Promotes basic and life-skill education amongst the underprivileged children and puts out efforts for girl child education.
  • Donation of 25 k to PAPANASAM RETTAI PILLAYAR KOIL TRUST who is working for saving and restoration of the Indian ancient temple, also known as Sri Damodara Vinayaka Temple which is situated on the banks of the serene flowing Kudamurutti river in the quiet village of Papanasam Chennai.