Electric Heated Snacks Fryer

Electric Heated Snacks Fryer

The main features of the Electric heated snacks fryer for frozen snacks are:

  • Frying pan 2mm thickness with covers 1.5mm covers with square pipe frame with castor
  • Wheel with adjustable hight
  • Oil discharge valve
    Adjustable frying temperature
  • Heater 9nos – Total load 54 kw
  • ON-OFF control through control panel to maintain the required oil tempt
  • All Stainless steel AISI 304 with exception of bearings and drives
  • Continuous oil filtration system with drum type filter
  • Tempt control system, VFD’S for conveyor speed control with necessary safety protections. VFD will be Allen Bradley/Danfoss make, Tempt controller of Omron and Switchgear of L & T/Schneider make
  • Stainless steel execution with exception of bearings and drive
  • For continuous filtering the full flow of the circulating frying oil.
  • Centrifugal pump assly with piping for oil re -circulation system, capacity 6 m³/h.
  • For better level and energy control in the fryer.
  • Pre fabricated stainless steel piping between fryer outlet, pump and fryer inlet with all necessary valves & fittings
  • Keena transfer augur with Geared motor on DOL based function
  • Adjustable frying time – Upto 5 Minutes

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