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Spiral drum freezer machine

freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing Scanico A/S is one of the leading suppliers of highly efficient impingement and spiral systems. We have designed and constructed spiral systems for different purposes for the world’s leading food-processing companies for more than 25 years, including IQF freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing. Consequently, we have the qualifications for offering […]

Enwave Corp.

Enwave- Partner of Kanchan metal

Drying Freeze Drying Vacuum Drying machine Our mission is to partner with food and pharmaceutical processing companies to help them find solutions to their processing challenges. We aim to help them discover new and innovative applications and uncover opportunities using Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) technology. REV technology allows EnWave’s partners to meet the evolving consumer […]


Drying Freeze Drying Vacuum Drying machine

Coated machine for vegetable and meat Since 1971, family-owned Nothum has led the way in building game-changing food production equipment. Nothum’s advanced systems yield superior product quality, reduced inefficiencies and quicker ROI across a range of product specialities.


Bhakarwadi making machine

Paratha Puff pasty Mcpuff style product and Bhakarwadi making machine For 65 years and more, Rondo has been developing and producing high­quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types. Folded, rolled, filled, decorated, cut, stamped: RONDO’s Ecoline, Polyline and Starline make-up lines enable you to produce a vast range of pastry […]


Shrikhand Rabdi Filling machine

Shrikhand, Rabdi Filling machine and Cake, Muffins, Cupcake making machines Founded over 30 years ago, a global leading supplier, designs and manufactures processing and portioning equipment to bakeries and food plants worldwide. Unifiller offers an extensive line of single piston and multi piston depositors, food pumps, filling machines, cake and cupcake decorating equipment, icing machines, […]


Peda making machine

Cookie and Forming machine, Nuggets Burger Patty, Sandesh and Peda making machine Since 1990, Deighton Manufacturing specialises in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry worldwide. The Econoline 200 by Deighton Manufacturing U.K. Ltd., has been developed to bring the advantages of automated food coating, crumbling, and frying within the reach of medium-scale production […]


Dough Mixer for bakery and snacks

Dough Mixer for bakery and snacks The company has a background of producing machinery for agriculture, home and dairy fooding facilities for more than 125 years. DIOSNA – the DoughExperts – providing the complete dough production, from the dosage and pre-dough preparation, the DIOStart for pre-dough processing, the mixing process up to the hand-over logistics – […]