Tecno Pack

We’ve been in the business for over 30 years and our aim has always been to supply our clients with state-of-the-art technology. We can clearly affirm this is our milestone. Our machines are engineered for the most demanding industrial applications, we can give an excellent answer to any packaging need. Each of your products will be tailor-wrapped, as we take care of our products the same way you do with yours.


GEA has firmly moved into the bakery sector with the acquisition of Imaforni, the leading suppliers of demanding industrial processing equipment and solutions for the cakes, pies, cookies and biscuits, crackers and snacks industry. GEA customers can now rely on 100 years of combined experience in the bakery sector to have the best customized solutions for their needs.


GEA has firmly moved into the bakery sector with the acquisition of Comas, the leading suppliers of demanding industrial processing equipment and solutions for the cakes, pies, cookies and biscuits, crackers and snacks industry. GEA customers can now rely on 100 years of combined experience in the bakery sector to have the best customized solutions for their needs.

Toa Industry

Technological roots of Toa Industry can be traced back to the two wheel motorcycle manufacturer, Marusho Motor Co., Ltd., which was second in starting the manufacture of motorcycles in postwar Hamamatsu city. The dumpling making machines of Toa Industry has not only replicated the speciality taste of customers’ dumplings, but also inherited that spirit of “Yaramaika” that has supported the manufacturing of Japan.

Krüger & Salecker Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Over 7 decades of working in a close relationship with our customers as well as constantly adapting to arising needs and developments have made K&S one of the leading manufacturers of forming machinery for the food industry.This attitude has allowed us to widen our portfolio and continues to do so. We have also established customer bases in the pet food and pharmaceutical industries and are permanently looking for new ways of partnering with food manufacturers to increase their efficiency and drive for innovation. Rolling machines for the production of rotationally symmetric products.Rolling Machines and Pneumatic Rolling Machines.


Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment. Our trusted equipment and lines are built strong to make pizza, sandwich and food slicing processes faster, safer, more consistent and less expensive.Our versatile pizza topping equipment automates your pizza processing needs from sauce depositing to pizza topping slicing and application on single or multiple lanes. Equipment is configured to meet your specific application and production rate, is easy-to-use and designed for fast and thorough sanitation.


Since being established in 1957, MASDAC has engaged in the development, design, and production of equipment for the manufacture of Western and Japanese-style cakes and cookies. Dorayaki is a traditional sweet in Japan for long time.MASDAC has developed industrial production lines for the first time in the world.Our computer expertise allows us to faithfully reproduce both specialized and traditional production techniques that are the heritage of generations.

Woody Associates, Inc.

Woody Associates, Inc. has provided automatic decorating equipment to the confectionery industry for over 60 years. As a staple in modern production, the Woody Stringer has the ability to produce zigzag, curved and looped design patterns to bakery and confectionery items in a fully automated system.As with all of our Woody Stringers, the basic model of this machine comes equipped to produce zigzag designs. Simple adjustments permit the user to make fast or slow, wide or narrow, thick or thin decorations. Each Stringer is equipped with our patented motor driven strainer, which cleans the chocolate before it reaches the nozzle tube ensuring consistent operation all day long.

N&N Nadratowski

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern high-tech food machinery manufacturing company based in Bielsk, Poland. Since our inception, we have been putting  a great emphasis on quality and also giving a personal approach to each and every customer, with this philosophy in place it has have helped us to satisfy many customer requirements.


All raw materials which require cooking are processed in the first extrusion-cooking step, followed by the shaping step of the cooked mass, which can be either cold extrusion or any other system capable of giving a correct shape to hot dough before the drying.The Pavan Group has been leading the market for processing lines manufacturing Stackable Potato Chips. Beginning 20 years ago, Pavan has enhanced their expertise by supplying 50 stackable potato chips lines all over the world. Pavan has continued to improve and perfect their technology step by step, in a win-a-win partnership, with the major manufacturers of this most relevant snack icon.

N.P. & Company, Inc.

Since our founding in 1976, we, N.P. & Company, Inc. has been committed to providing an all in one solution for our customers’ snack manufacturing needs. For over 40 years, we are proud to spearhead the advancement of the snack manufacturing technologies through the past decades that gave birth to a great number of snack/confectionery production machinery that we pioneered including 2-D and 3-D Snack Pellet Manufacturing Line, Almighty Coated Snack Nuts Line and Pop Chips Snack Line.


NIEROS hygiene stations guarantee optimal personnel hygiene at the production entry and exit points, which is crucial in a wide array of industries, food processing in particular.Designed for both handwashing and footwear cleaning purposes, they include automatic hand disinfection units, a walk-through brush cleaner or a sanitization basin with a drip-off zone for cleaning sides and soles of the footwear, and finally, a turnstile control system. While hand disinfection units include automatic dosing system and rubber edges protecting the illuminated chamber, a turnstile-controlled passage ensures that it is only possible to enter the sensitive production areas with one’s hands properly cleaned.


The company is known for being a market leader in cartoning and sleeving machines in the United Kingdom.Explore our range of Cartoning and Sleeving machinery from simple manual machines through to high speed fully automatic systems. Manufactured in the UK, used worldwide. Select your packaging type for a quick search to find the right machinery for your food, beverage or household good packing application.


Kawashima’s strength vary from consumer packaging machinery to line systems from transit packaging machinery to material handling equipment. Kawashima’s horizontal packaging machine is pursuing for high usability.It is hygienic and easy-maintenance structure which has been used by many customers.


Since 1956, Nilma specialises in machine for catering and equipment for the food industry, machinery for large kitchens and professional kitchens.Nilma has thus Pastaline, to satisfy the requirement to cook large amounts of pasta to the highest standards, with the right time, temperature and water/pasta ratio. But it also solves the problem of separating cooking from distribution, while maintaining the special qualities of a good plate of Italian pasta and observing HACCP regulations. Pastaline is a genuinely universal cooking and cooling line which can be used for all types of pasta: long format, like tagliatelle, spaghetti, short format like penne, but also gnocchi, rice, stuffed pasta like tortellini and ravioli and other foods cooked in the same way.


Fuji Manufacturing is renowned for the production, transport and packaging of snacks and confectionery products.The rotary blade that cuts the noodles that have passed the steaming process to a certain length is called a “cutter”, and there are two types, one for loose noodles and the other for double-folded noodles. The weight of one serving of noodles is controlled by the length of the noodles to be cut, and the length is controlled by adjusting the speed of the rotary blade and the speed of the conveyor.


“WALTER baking machines have been in the worldwide market for over 60 years with wafers and snacks as their core equipment base. Think of a delicious ice cream and you immediately think of the crispy wafer. WALTER is a leading manufacturer when it comes to machines for rolled ice cream cones. You can also rely on WALTER when it comes to snacks. JUPITER baking machines produce sweet and savoury snack wafers of the highest quality with capacities up to 19,200 products/h.

ZIEGRA Eismaschinen

50 years of experience have made Ziegra a leading global manufacturer who deals exclusively with industrial ice machines and its related technologies.ZIEGRA ice machines are available in different versions and with a wide range of capacities. the ice machines are also available with a separately installable condenser or separate cooling unit, or as an ice maker for compound systems.


For 65 years and more, Rondo has been developing and producing high­quality machines and systems for the production of pastry of all types. Folded, rolled, filled, decorated, cut, stamped: RONDO’s Ecoline, Polyline and Starline make-up lines enable you to produce a vast range of pastry products, and also rolls, pizzas, donuts and thin-dough products, all in top quality. Numerous accessories and a raft of options for feed and panning render our solutions extremely versatile, so they adapt perfectly to your needs and to the space available on your premises.


Founded over 30 years ago, a global leading supplier, designs and manufactures processing and portioning equipment to bakeries and food plants worldwide. Unifiller offers an extensive line of single piston and multi piston depositors, food pumps, filling machines, cake and cupcake decorating equipment, icing machines, pastry machines, dough extruders and cookie machines. From compact, portable tabletop machines to fully automated lines, see why so many customers prefer our machines!


FoodTools is a well known global name focused on the advancements in the food portioning equipment industry. The FoodTools machines below are designed for round cake slicing. Bundt cake, cheesecake, layer cake, pie, fruit pie, dessert pie, and tort cakes are examples of round products that can be easily and accurately portioned utilizing FoodTools mechanical or Ultrasonic machines, which encompass the entire production spectrum from startup to high-volume food production businesses. 


The Mauting company was founded in 1992 as a company focused on design, projection and manufacture of food processing equipment.The chambers are suitable for processing all kinds of sausage products such as sausages, meats, poultry, fish, and cheese.The technological process of heat treatment is controlled by a microprocessor control unit, according to the set program.Simple and fast operation with low power consumption.


LASKA develops and manufactures high­quality specialist machinery for the meat processing industry and in related application areas of the food industry.Our modern LASKA cutters are the key components of our LASKA machinery. LASKA cutter technology is based on many years of experience as well as practically oriented research and development efforts. LASKA cutters are suitable for processing large as well as smaller batches.


For over 50 years, Holac has been providing solutions to cut meat, meat products, cheese, fish, and vegetables.The Sect 28 CT is the high-performance product in the holac portion cutter range. With its high output and perfect cutting quality, it guarantees outstanding performance. Thanks to the integrated computer controls, the cutting speed, and cutting thickness are infinitely adjustable. When it comes to sanitation, the Sect 28 CT is quick to disassemble and reassemble in just a few steps. The Sect 28 CT is developed for high-performance portion cutting.


The company founded in 1957 is known for having one of the most advanced professional oriented food processing line.

Manufacture of machinery for the food industry and packaging sector. We are the only ones to design, manufacture and sell the 3 Food, Vac and Sealing lines offering a complete solution to your needs with a single manufacturer and brand.


Since 1990, Deighton Manufacturing specialises in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry worldwide.The EconoLine 200 by Deighton Manufacturing U.K. Ltd., has been developed to bring the advantages of automated food coating, crumbling, and frying within the reach of medium-scale production units.

Metalbud NOWICKI

Nowicki is one of the most recognized European manufacturers of high quality machines for meat processing (food industry), which is in business since 1974. Nowicki is solid machines designed for accurate cutting and emulsification of raw materials for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are perfect for emulsifying sausages, pies, sauces, as well as cream-like products.


The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures ROBOPOPS and a wide range of high-tech products for popcorn.Caramelizer  RoboSugar Twin Auto 20 needs a minimum operator’s involvement.  Its operator needs to only put all the necessary ingredients into the kettle plus popped corn into the container. And the machine will do the rest by itself. A 75 liters (20 gallons) aluminum kettle equipped with a tubular heating element provides uniform and consistent heating without any burning of cooked caramel.


The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures ROBOPOPS and a wide range of high-tech products for popcorn.We constantly monitor the current popcorn equipment. Our global goal is to create new products in free niches and to perfect the existing market models, used by our clients. Robolabs portfolio embraces a lot of new products, giving our dealers a full choice to offer to their clients. That’s why even well-known companies wish to cooperate with us.


The company has a background of producing machinery for agriculture, home and dairy fooding facilities for more than 125 years.DIOSNA – the DoughExperts – providing the complete dough production, from the dosage and pre-dough preparation, the DIOStart for pre-dough processing, the mixing process up to the hand-over logistics – and therewith most important process in the bakery industry.


For 70 years, VEMAG is known for its best in class machinery and equipment in the food industry both home and abroad.Fresh grilling sausages and other sausage specialtiest can be produced quickly and individually with VEMAG vacuum fillers and attachments. Natural casing is not the only casing filled quickly yet carefully in this case.

TNA Solutions

Offering services to more than 120 countries worldwide, TNA is a well-renowned provider for packaging and processing solutions for a variety of snacks globally. tna intelli-flav® MLS 3 is a high performance, gravimetrically controlled main-line seasoning (MLS) system that combined with the tna intelli-flav® CLO 3 or CLS 3 spray systems, delivers dispersion of dry and wet flavorings with extreme accuracy for consistent application with minimal waste and product damage. The tna intelli-flav® MLS 3 features modular components that can be upgraded as your business grows to meet production demands and protect your investment.

JC Ford

JC Ford has been committed to providing automated equipment and service to the growing tortilla and tortilla chip industry.Today with the growing popularity of flatbreads around the world and tortilla chips being one of the fastest growing snacks JC Ford is helping the industry meet today’s challenges with greater automation and product expertise.  It is this combination of state of the art equipment and product knowledge that is providing the needed solutions around the world.


A reliable and committed partner of renowned potato (related) processing companies with customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. our frying range is the heart of your business: everything revolves around and depends upon it. We appreciate frying ranges are a big investment for your business and you don’t want to make a rash decision.No matter how big, small or unusually shaped your premises is, we have the expertise and knowledge to be able to design a range to suit your needs in the space that you have available. We will also make sure that each element on the range is situated in the right place so that it can be used to its full potential.

AC Horn Manufacturing

Savvy food processing equipment are synonymous with AC Horn. Known for its top­quality equipment for milling, peanut blanching and the packaging room.In keeping with company tradition to infuse quality into every aspect of our machinery and operations, our M320 Cooker/Coater features a uniquely engineered single-process design. First operators preprogram temperature set points. Once the proper temperature is achieved, an alarm activates signaling the time to add the necessary ingredients. The cooking/coating process then continues automatically until the coated corn is ready.

American Extrusion International

Developers and manufacturers of the newest technology equipment in snack food and cereal industries.Our Advantage 50 and larger capacity Advantage 100 (pictured at right) are two of our most popular models. From low capacity (60 kg per hour per extruder) to high capacity (400 kg per hour per extruder). Our unparalleled expertise will provide you with durable, long lasting and cost effective machinery. Our Direct Expansion system will create a myriad of standard shapes or your ideas may be developed in our Research and Development Center. A wide range of materials may be used. Also see Fry Type snack production using our Rotary Head Extruders.