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cream cake making machine

Cream cake-making machine Continuous Aeration of various bakery products includes Sponge cake, cream cake, icing cake, Chiffon cake and Mousse Cake.


cream making machine for cake

cream preparation machine for cake STARMIX is a leading company in the production of planetary mixers for artisanal and industrial pastry. For more than 20 years we have been developing bakery equipment; supporting retailers, agents and final customers in the food industry: pastry shops, bakeries and restaurants.


Shrikhand Rabdi Filling machine

Shrikhand, Rabdi Filling machine and Cake, Muffins, Cupcake making machines Founded over 30 years ago, a global leading supplier, designs and manufactures processing and portioning equipment to bakeries and food plants worldwide. Unifiller offers an extensive line of single piston and multi piston depositors, food pumps, filling machines, cake and cupcake decorating equipment, icing machines, […]