Women in the equipment manufacturing industry

Women in the equipment manufacturing industry


Autometic Bhujia/sev production line

The rise in recruitment of women in the equipment manufacturing industry

Manufacturing involves innovation and creativity. It is what we do all day and almost every day. The Indian manufacturing industry is witnessing exponential growth. In the Indian context, women in manufacturing were a rare sight earlier. However, that is changing now as the erstwhile male-dominated industry is now seeing women foraying steadily into the key roles spread out over equipment manufacturing landscape in the past few years.

According to research, women make up for 10-15% in the micro industries and for less than one-third of the total manufacturing industry workforce, right from assembly line and production to the C-suite. But this number has been fluctuating over the past three decades, bringing inconsistency to the ever-evolving industry. Women have remained under-represented in the manufacturing and heavy industries segment for various reasons – these require rough manual labour, long working hours, and it’s not as lucrative as other occupations. However, tides are changing and there are several ways to ensure the trend of women recruitment in manufacturing maintains an upward trajectory, thus shaping the next generation of the industry to be more gender-inclusive, innovative and rewarding for those making a career in this field.- The Economic Times, HR World