A rise in demand and production-Financial Express

A rise in demand and production-Financial Express


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A rise in demand and production-Financial Express

Covid-19 led to a considerable shift in the buying patterns of consumers ranging from basic necessities to high-value items like processed food, snacks, packed food items, processed meat and frozen desserts. There was a significant spike in the demand for packaged food products like biscuits and instant noodles, resulting in an increase in the average purchase value per customer. As more people were working from home, the definition of basic necessity changed from basic foods to snacking and munching items. And this trend is likely to continue in the festive season as well.

Another reason for the rise in demand of packed food has been ensuring safety and hygiene in the times of coronavirus. The festive season is going to witness more vigilance among people when it came to the food they ate – be it snacks, packaged food, or sweet and savoury items. Flexible packaging is also set to increase in importance especially because of the hazards attached to non-packaged products, which in turn, would result in higher production and sales volume.