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Snack Food

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Our Partners

GEA- Partner of Kanchan metal


Pellet snacks equipment supplier for commercial All raw materials which require cooking are processed in the first extrusion-cooking step, followed...
NP and company inc- Partner of Kanchan metal

N.P. & Company, Inc.

Coated Snack Nuts Line and Pop Chips Snack Line.
Coated Nuts equipment supplier for Industrial/Commercial Since our founding in 1976, we, N.P. & Company, Inc. has been committed to...
Rondo- Partner of Kanchan metal


Puff pastry, Khari
Bhakarwadi/Frozen Flatbreads making machine supplier for Industrial For 65 years and more, Rondo has been developing and producing high­quality machines...
robopop- Partner of Kanchan metal


machine supplier The innovative company RoboLabs manufactures ROBOPOPS and a wide range of high-tech products for popcorn.We constantly monitor the...
Diosna- Partner of Kanchan metal


Dough Expert
Tin Bread making equipment The company has a background of producing machinery for agriculture, home and dairy fooding facilities for...
Vemag - Partner of Kanchan metal


Bhujia, Sausages
Commercial machine supplier for Bhujia-sev/meat ball For 70 years, VEMAG is known for its best in class machinery and equipment...
tna- Partner of Kanchan metal

TNA Solutions

Potato Chips, Kettle Chips, French Fries
Continuous Snacks Frying machine supplier Offering services to more than 120 countries worldwide, TNA is a well-renowned provider for packaging...
JC-Ford- Partner of Kanchan metal

JC Ford

Tortilla Chips, Corn Chips
Tortilla chips-making equipment suppliers JC Ford has been committed to providing automated equipment and service to the growing tortilla and...
Florigo- Partner of Kanchan metal


Atmospheric moong dal frying machine A reliable and committed partner of renowned potato (related) processing companies with customers in more...
AC Horn- Partner of Kanchan metal

AC Horn Manufacturing

Coated nuts
commercial popcorn making equipment supplier Savvy Food Processing Equipment is synonymous with AC Horn. Known for its top­quality equipment for...
American Extrusion International- Partner of Kanchan metal

American Extrusion International

Extruded snacks
Extruded Snacks machine supplier Developers and manufacturers of the newest technology equipment in snack food and cereal industries.Our Advantage 50...