Meat Processing
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Meat Processing

Top class Equipment for Meat Processing

Our Partners

Grote- Partner of Kanchan metal


Mortadella equipment supplier Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment. Our trusted equipment and lines are built strong...
N and N nadratowski- Partner of Kanchan metal

N&N Nadratowski

Machines for the meat processing N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern high-tech food machinery manufacturing...
Ziegra- Partner of Kanchan metal

ZIEGRA Eismaschinen

Ice maker
Ice Maker equipment supplier 50 years of experience have made Ziegra a leading global manufacturer who deals exclusively with industrial...
Mauting- Partner of Kanchan metal


Sausage making equipment supplier The Mauting company was founded in 1992 as a company focused on design, projection and manufacture...
Holac- Partner of Kanchan metal


Minced Meat
Meat Processing Machine supplier For over 50 years, Holac has been providing solutions to cut meat, meat products, cheese, fish,...
Ak Ramon- Partner of Kanchan metal


Nuggets, Filled Croquettes
Kebab making equipment supplier for commercial The company founded in 1957 is known for having one of the most advanced...
Deighton- Partner of Kanchan metal


Chocochip Cookies/Nuggets/Frozen Snacks/Sandesh/Peda processing machine Since 1990, Deighton Manufacturing specialises in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry worldwide....
Nowicki - Partner of Kanchan metal


Commercial minced meat processing equipment supplier Nowicki is one of the most recognized European manufacturers of high-quality machines for meat...
Vemag - Partner of Kanchan metal


Bhujia, Sausages
Commercial machine supplier for Bhujia-sev/meat ball For 70 years, VEMAG is known for its best in class machinery and equipment...