Bhujia Breaker

Doing batch frying and thinking of gentle breaking of product to shorten the length while product crushing is a vital challenge; our Bhujia breaker design achieves gentle breaking of product and you can also think to blend some of the products at the same time.

Bucket Elevator

Elevating, transfer, and distribution of Namkeen. Features include Overlapping section to spillage feed feeder, pneumatic tilting stations, SS/MS chain, Food Grade PP buckets, Torque limiter, manual tilting at cleaning section, CIP, etc.

Besan Slurry Mixing And Coating System

Slurry preparation using variable speed agitators, Hygiene transfer of slurry through sanitary Lobe pumps, Vibratory feeder for uniform, regulated feed to coating conveyor, Flat flex belt based costing conveyor and air curtain, excess return and adjustable inclination discharge section for gentle transfer of coated peanuts to Fryer.

Tortilla Chip Line

One of the trending healthier product among the snack lovers also widely known as Nachos, we do offer a complete turnkey package or individual line equipment out of line starts from the handling of raw corn kernels to preparation of Corn Masa later processing it on sheeting, baking, frying, and seasoning. The line starts from […]

Potato Chips Frying Line

A complete potato chips line starts from raw potato handling, washer cum De-stoner, peeler, washer, slicing, air knife, frying, de-oiling, cooling, and flavoring. Modern technic based fryer design offers better frying quality and better oil control during its processing. The potato Chips line capacity starts from 300kg/hr onwards

Pellet Frying Line With Pre-Fryer

Line capacity starts from 300 kg per hr onwards. Line offering includes a Pre-frying section that delivers better product expansion. System handling a wide range of pellet shapes using a highly efficient frying process. Indirect heating using a heat exchanger Retention time control – adjust depending on the type of pellets. Continuous oil filtration through […]

Complete Lines for Baked Snacks

Line capacity available from 300kg to 1.5ton/Hr. Flexible Investment where the Heart of line, Extruders& Oven is from American Extrusion USA integrated with our processing line The flexibility of using a variety of meal option helping to produce a product like Multi-grain Chips Efficient line equipment like Meal Blending, distribution & Seasoning system offered by […]

Mixture Line

Mixture has gained huge popularity in Namkeen industry and loved by everyone doesn’t matter it is Cornflake Mixture, Khatta Meetha, All In One, Panchratan, Navratan, Kashmiri Mixture, or any other regional Namkeen mix; our solution is totally tailor/custom made meeting customer requirement supported by a recipe controller to measure the desired accurate ratio of ingredients […]

Automatic Moongdal Processing line

Fully Automatic Moong/chana dal processing line Capacity from 500 Kg/hr onwards up to 3000 Kg/hr Better Expansion, brightness and Oil pick-up Special frying Mechanism resulting in traditional Result Controlled process-based design offering integrated washing, soaking, dewatering and frying Efficient removal of starch because of unique washing mechanism

Sabudana Frying Line

Fried Sabudana or Sago is an intermediate product used in Namkeen mixtures or can also be a finish product, our continuous fryer with a pre-fryer offers a better expansion to product and also improves the oil management in fryer.

Dough Pump

In order to achieve yield and maximum efficiency out from your continuous fryer, our continuous dough pumping system is one of the best solutions for any namkeen producer operating a continuous fryer. The design of the dough pump is easy to connect with any wet dough extrusion system where the operation is very friendly and […]


We are proud to present our continuous namkeen extruders that can be used to produce a variety of ethnic snacks like Aloo bhujia , Bikaneri sev , Gathiya , Ratlami Sev and similar products. The extruder is feed by a continuous dough pumping mechanism for consistent output. Capacities are available from 500 kg/hr up to […]